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We empower people to master their wealth so they can live the life they want. We are passionate about making the world of crypto a safer place.

Our mission

Our mission, empower people to safeguard their wealth so they are free to live the life they want. We are here to change the way people experience crypto. We eradicate the chance of loss and malicious hacking of your crypto, giving you complete control of your digital assets. We believe we are all in this together. Join our movement.

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Our genesis

The NGRAVE movement and solution were inspired by the personal and professional experiences of its founders, particularly Xavier Hendrickx, who endured losses in significant cryptocurrency hacks like Mt. Gox and the Parity hack. Despite these setbacks, Hendrickx remained committed to blockchain technology's potential and sought to enhance security in the crypto space.

Alongside Ruben Merre and Edouard Vanham, the NGRAVE team is dedicated to providing top-notch security and convenience for cryptocurrency investors, driven by their passion for safeguarding assets and preventing future losses.

Today, the fight for security and convenience is one that the three cofounders passionately engage in, 24/7.

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Meet the

Founding team

Xavier Hendrickx. CTO & Co-founder. Computer science, Self-Taught.


Ruben Merre. CEO & Co-Founder, serial entrepreneur, trading automation.


Edouard Vanham. COO, banking, entrepreneur, IT & Business translator


Our advisor

Jean-Jacques Quisquater

Jean-Jacques Quisquater is a Belgian cryptographer and professor at University of Louvain. He has been a leading figure in cryptography & hardware security over the last 50 years and today counts over 20 patents and has published over 200 articles on cryptography. He is the #2 reference in Satoshi Nakamoto's 2009 Bitcoin paper. Indeed, Jean-Jacques was a pioneer who set up the first practical experiment of blockchain, the “TIMESEC project” already in 1996. His experiment is cited or referred to in a vast majority of scientific papers on cryptography.

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