Upper Plate Recovery

Every GRAPHENE Upper Plate is unique and personal. If lost or damaged, you can request NGRAVE to safely recreate a new custom upper plate.

Ultimate Recovery Code
Each upper plate is unique
The “Ultimate Recovery Code” on your GRAPHENE Upper Plate is there in case of loss or damage. Each upper plate configuration is unique and personal. As NGRAVE (or any other third party) has no information on your lower plate, your Perfect Key remains safe.
No Third Party Risk
Secure recovery process
NGRAVE can only recreate your Upper Plate when you share the Ultimate Recovery Code, as we do not store Upper Plate configurations. Your code, combined with an NGRAVE private key, lets our team generate a single-use file of your Upper Plate configuration. Then, we can immediately manufacture the new plate in Belgium and ship it to you.
Steps to recover your upper plate
Your NGRAVE Perfect Key secured for life.
  • Step 1
    Locate your recovery code

    Make sure you have access to the safe location where you store your Unique Recovery Code. Without it, we cannot recreate your GRAPHENE Upper Plate.

  • Step 2
    Order Recovery

    Order a GRAPHENE Upper Plate Recovery at the NGRAVE Store.

  • Step 3
    NGRAVE contacts you

    In the next 48 business hours, a member of our Support team will email you. They will ask a few questions and request your Unique Recovery Code.

  • Step 4

    Once all checks are clear, we can immediately manufacture the new plate and ship it to you.


We thought of every 'what if' to ensure a secure process. Losing your backup is daunting; its recovery should be simple.


We are here to help

Do you have doubts about the recovery process of your GRAPHENE Upper Plate?