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Easily exchange your crypto with Changelly* from your NGRAVE LIQUID app.

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Exchange your crypto directly from your ZERO-held addresses. Enjoy seamless, secure swapping with the peace of mind that your crypto is shielded from potential online threats.


Swap with Changelly

Active since 2015, their mission is to enable effortless exchange of crypto for everyone. 

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*Service availability is contingent upon licensing requirements specific to Changelly in each jurisdiction. Please refer to Changelly's terms of use for all details.

01. Choose your crypto pair that you want to swap.


02. Choose your rate. Fixed or floating, up to you.


03. Review your swap order and sign with ZERO.


Update your LIQUID app

And start swapping you favorite crypto.



& Important information

  • Must Read

    The risk of loss in the exchange of crypto assets can be substantial, and therefore you should understand the possibility of losses associated with the exchange of crypto assets and must assume responsibility for all the risks associated with such exchanges and for their results. Neither NGRAVE nor Changelly do not and will not provide any investment advice or legal advice regarding your exchange. You acknowledge that only you are responsible for your decisions and actions performed on our platform and we will not make any personal recommendations for or advise you on the exchange of particular crypto assets. Before performing any exchange of crypto assets, you should carefully consider whether such an exchange is suitable for you with your current circumstances and financial resources.

  • Service Availability

    *Service availability is contingent upon licensing requirements specific to our swap service provider Changelly in each jurisdiction. Please refer to the terms of use of Changelly or more information.

    Changelly's Terms of Use

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  • Is there any KYC check in order to swap with Changelly?

    As a regulated third-party, Changelly can put your swap transaction on hold and require a KYC check.

    In case of a KYC check, you need to contact After that , you will receive a link to complete the verification process. Please note that your funds might be held until the KYC check is completed.

    This is completely independent from, for more information about the KYC policy of Changelly refer to

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  • What is the difference between a floating and a fixed rate
    • Fixed Rate: With fixed rate, you will receive the exact amount of crypto you see on the screen

      • This rate gets updated every 30 seconds to reflect the market conditions.

    • Floating Rate: The floating rate can change at any point due to market conditions, so you might receive more or less crypto than expected.

  • How long does it take for a Swap to come into my wallet?

    It may take some time to receive your crypto after doing a swap. In a normal case, a swap transaction provided by Changelly will be fully processed in 5-30 minutes.

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  • What is swapping?

    Swapping is a process where you exchange one crypto for another, similar to exchanging Dollars for Euros. You send a swap partner one type of crypto, and they return another of your choosing.

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