We are ready to ship

2 Nov 2021

NGRAVEThe first end-to-end security solution to manage your crypto.

We are ready to ship

ZERO, the first EAL7 secured hardware wallet soon in the hands of our backers.

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  • What is Batch ZERO’s status?
  • The NGRAVE shop is temporarily closed
  • NGRAVE's shop is temporarily closed
  • Now you can truly #OwnYourAssets

We made it, all of us. We set out a colossal challenge, worked nonstop, and now, the reward is here. ZERO, the first EAL7 secured hardware wallet is ready to ship.

We know the wait has been long, and we appreciate the community’s support enormously as it kept us going to reach this accomplishment, bringing pride to our hearts today. Our Indiegogo backers and pre-order clients, who make up NGRAVE’s “Batch ZERO”, will soon enjoy the experience of their very own ZERO or COMBO (with GRAPHENE).

What is Batch ZERO’s status?

We started flashing ZERO hardware wallets (i.e. inserting the final firmware) at the factory in Belgium. Flashing and shipping volumes will increase with time to guarantee quality and smooth delivery.

While flashing is ramping up at the factory, we will start building stock at our secured facility. As of the second week of November, Batch ZERO orders will start shipping from this secured warehouse based on chronological pre-order numbers. We aim at shipping all orders before the end of the year. You will be able to monitor the shipping progress here.

What can you expect next?

  1. When your order is ready for shipping, you will receive an email from shipping@ngrave.io to confirm your delivery address. If your address is not correct, please contact shipping@ngrave.io.

  2. Once you confirm your address, we will ship your package. Within 48hrs, you will receive a tracking link from the carrier.

  3. You can monitor the Batch ZERO order processing status at any time on our website → ngrave.io/shipping-update.

The NGRAVE shop is temporarily closed

We closed the shop to focus on the successful fulfillment of Batch ZERO. We will soon return with limited stock!

For new orders, and since demand is high and supply will be limited in 2022, we recommend you join our waiting list for the next batch to make sure you do not miss your chance.

Join the waiting list for the next batch.

We welcome your feedback

We have always prioritized shipping a fully working ZERO without compromising on security. This is why the ZERO version 1.0 contains the must-have features:

  • Generate NGRAVE’s Perfect Key / 24-word mnemonic phrases

  • Import seeds

  • Store and secure assets

  • Transactions

In the meantime, we advance the work on v1.1. It will have performance improvements (e.g. smoother interaction flows), support more coins, and bug fixes if first users report any.

Once you get your ZERO, you will receive a feedback form via email. Of course, we always remain available at support@ngrave.io. Please share with us any thoughts, improvements, and ideas. We are eager to hear them and improve your ZERO even further.

Now you can truly #OwnYourAssets

We would like to thank you for your patience, for believing in us, and for sticking with us till the end. The long-awaited moment is finally here.

Start truly owning what is yours.

The first end-to-end security solution to manage your crypto.

NGRAVE is a digital asset security company and the creator of the world’s most secure cryptocurrency wallet, NGRAVE ZERO. NGRAVE ZERO was developed in collaboration with a world-renowned team of cryptography and security experts.