New Feature

Start Truly Owning your NFTs

Protect your ETH based NFTs fully offline on your ZERO. Easily visualize your art collections on your LIQUID.

Stay cold
Why store NFTs offline?
As the Non-Fungible Token market grows in size and popularity, security becomes a larger issue. NFT crimes rose 667% in 2022 compared to the entirety of 2021.
Protect all your Web3 assets
In an age of uncertainty, volatility and evolution, digital assets' security and safety have never been more essential. We want to ensure the security of all your digital assets. That is why we are adding NFT support to your ZERO and LIQUID.
How to secure your NFTs offline
Protect your ETH based NFTs with ZERO & LIQUID
  • Step 1
    Create your ETH account
    If you do not already have an ETH address on your ZERO, add the coin to your dashboard and choose an address where you will send your NFT.
  • Step 2
    Sync your LIQUID app
    Sync ZERO with your LIQUID mobile app via QR code. This way you will see your new address.
  • Step 3
    Send your NFT
    Send your NFT from your hot wallet to your new ETH address.
  • Step 4
    Visualize your NFT
    And you are done. Under the tab NFTs, you can visualize your art. Make sure your LIQUID is updated to v1.5.
  • Your NFTs have never been so cold
    You can now visualize, send and receive your NFTs on LIQUID.
Enjoy the NFT feature in the sleek new app

Truly own your NFTs

ZERO is the revolutionary hardware wallet that is secure and easy to use. Protect your crypto and now your NFTs.