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The Crypto Dad
“It’s a great combination of a highly secure offline crypto cold wallet and a company that excels in customer service. You don’t see that very often in the cryptocurrency wallet space.”
“This is a relatively new hardware device that has some of the most impressive security features on the market.”
The Defiant
"I like that it’s an end-to-end solution: you get the punch plate, the touchscreen device, a nice app, and the fact that it’s EAL7 gives you an assurance that it has been tested and verified to the very highest standards.”
Crypto Renegade
“In this video I’m going to explain why this crypto wallet is the absolute most secure wallet that money can buy.”
Crypto Renegade
"Going open source isn't a simple black & white decision, with clear outcomes in either side. There are trade-offs needed to be considered."
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Kitco News
Ruben Merre, co-founder and CEO of NGRAVE discusses the advantages of cold wallets with David Lin, anchor for Kitco News at the Paris Blockchain Summit 2022.
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Revolutionary hardware wallet with a custom firmware that is secure and easy to use.