First Belgian Crypto Hardware Company NGRAVE to Sell Physical Products in the Metaverse

24 Mar 2022

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First Belgian Crypto Hardware Company NGRAVE to Sell Physical Products in the Metaverse

NGRAVE’s metaverse store sits alongside other leading consumer brands including Tommy Hilfiger, Cider, ANREALAGE, and more.

Brussels, Belgium – 24 March 2022 – NGRAVE, the creators of the most secure consumer crypto hardware wallet, will sell select physical products as redeemable NFTs during Metaverse Fashion Week in partnership with Boson Protocol, the universal commerce settlement layer for Web3.

As the first hardware wallet in the metaverse, NGRAVE’s foray into the digital realm highlights the need for increased security awareness around digital assets and Web3. Their virtual store sits on a boulevard of shops in Boson Portal, a metaverse marketplace for buying luxury and exclusive physical products as NFTs, located in Decentraland. Visitors will be able to purchase the NGRAVE COMBO, which includes the ZERO, a military-grade offline touch-screen hardware wallet with the highest security certification in the world, EAL-7, as well as GRAPHENE, an encrypted metal paper wallet replacement to ensure users never lose their private keys. 

Ruben Merre, CEO and Co-founder of NGRAVE, said, “As the lines between physical and virtual worlds increasingly blur, and the metaverse becomes more widespread, so too do stories of hacks and theft. Now, more than ever, crypto users need to ensure their assets are safe. The NGRAVE ZERO cold wallet is slick, secure, and boasts the highest security of any financial product in the world. Our presence in Boson Portal not only provides us with a new and innovative way to build relationships with our audiences; it also highlights the need for the next iteration of the internet to be built with security at its core.”

Boson Protocol’s technology solves the problem of connecting smart contracts to real world physical assets, enabling the exchange of digital value for physical assets without relying on a centralised intermediary. Justin Banon, Co-founder of Boson Protocol, said, “NGRAVE is setting the industry standard in the crypto custody space, raising the bar for others and ensuring security in the metaverse is a major priority for brands and consumers alike. We look forward to working with Ruben and the wider NGRAVE team to make security a cornerstone of the burgeoning Web3 space.”

Merre concluded, “For all the opportunities that Web3 presents, it’s imperative that we don’t repeat the mistakes of the past. Web3 must be Web2, but better. Security is the key to achieving that. We are focused on empowering people to master their wealth in the most secure way possible.” 

Having sold out the first batch of NGRAVE ZERO hardware wallets in 2021, NGRAVE also secured VC backing and closed a successful $6 million seed round. This round saw strong interest from renowned DeFi and Web3 investors including Woodstock Fund, Morningstar Ventures, DFG Group, Spark Digital Capital, and Mapleblock Capital, among others.

Metaverse Fashion Week takes place from 24-27 March. You can visit NGRAVE’s store in Boson Portal here.

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The first and safest end-to-end security solution to manage your crypto.

Founded in 2018, NGRAVE is a digital asset security provider offering user-friendly maximum security solutions for blockchain and crypto use cases. Its flagship product — crypto hardware wallet “NGRAVE ZERO” — is the only financial product in the world that features the highest security certification: EAL7. NGRAVE is partnered with the world’s top tier in nano- and chip technology, cryptography and hardware security, and counts among its advisors several blockchain pioneers such as Jean-Jacques Quisquater, famous cryptography professor and second reference of the bitcoin paper.