The Safest Seed Phrase

NGRAVE brings a revolution in key generation.
Revolutionary key generation. Create and personalize your key in an air-gapped environment.
Secure. Easily encrypt and store your key with the GRAPHENE stainless steel plates.
Recoverable. Never lose access to your crypto by recovering part of your GRAPHENE backup.
Compatible. You can always view your mnemonic seed phrase in your ZERO.

A revolution in key generation

ZERO generates your Perfect Key in an air-gapped environment. Shuffle it around to make extra sure you are the only one to ever know its value.


An enigma for everyone else

Unlike the traditional 24-word Seed Phrase, you can encrypt and split your Perfect Key with the GRAPHENE backup. If someone finds one of your GRAPHENE plates, they will not be able to read your Perfect Key. Only the combination of your upper and lower plate will reveal your key.


Never lose access to your crypto

If you lose your upper plate, we can send you a new one if you share your Ultimate Recovery Code. As NGRAVE has no information on your lower plate, your Perfect Key remains safe.

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Revolutionary and compatible

The NGRAVE Perfect Key is the equivalent of a traditional 24-word seed phrase in a 64-character hexadecimal format. You can easily visualise both versions in your ZERO and are always free to import your seed phrase into another wallet.

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  • Can I convert the NGRAVE "Perfect Key" to 24 words?

    Yes. The hexadecimal “Perfect Key” can easily be converted into the 24-words version and vice versa. Both are alternative representations of a 256-bit private key.

    • On ZERO, you can easily see both versions. Go to SettingsDisplay secret key, enter your PIN code and then select Mnemonic or NGRAVE wallet.

    • If you need to do the conversion yourself, you can find the steps in our Help Center.

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  • How difficult is it to "crack" or brute force the NGRAVE "Perfect Key"?

    The purpose of a brute force attack would be to find a private key that would generate the same Public Key as used by your wallet. We call this a 'collision attack'. As the key we create will have a length of 256-bit, that equates to 128-bit entropy. This key length has been accepted as the de facto standard in the crypto community.

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  • What makes NGRAVE's key generation better?

    We believe that if you want to securely manage your digital assets, you should understand every tool at your disposal. NGRAVE's method of key generation gives you an intuitive understanding that no one else was involved in the creation of your key.

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