Everything You Need In One Package

Secure your crypto for life with ZERO hardware wallet and GRAPHENE recoverable backup.


Safest way to manage your Bitcoin, NFTs and Crypto.

100% Offline
Generate and protect your keys offline.
ZERO is fully "air-gapped", it does not rely on USB or any network connection capability such as WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, or 4G. All communication takes place via transparent QR codes.
The Highest Security Certification
We take your safety so seriously that we went for the highest security certification in the world. ZERO is the only financial product to integrate an EAL7-certified OS.
Fingerprint sensor
Biometric security
ZERO's biometric sensor adds an additional layer of security for authentication and transaction signing. Your fingerprint creates your personal key, unlocks your device, and signs transactions in combination with a solid 8-digit PIN code.
Custom ZERO Operating System
ZERO’s Operating System (OS) was developed from scratch by our experienced security experts. Whereas some hardware wallets rely on mobile phone operating systems, NGRAVE removes any associated vulnerabilities with its own OS.

All supported coins and tokens


Your ultimate crypto backup

Resilient against the forces of nature
Forget paper wallets. Nothing so resilient as high quality stainless steel. Temperatures up to 1660°C (3000°F) mean nothing to GRAPHENE. Neither do water floods, corrosion, shocks, and well, practically anything else.
Additional security
Split your backup in two undecipherable parts
Benefit from the double security layer by storing and safeguarding each plate separately. If someone finds one of the plates, they will not be able to read your NGRAVE Perfect Key.
A backup of your backup without third party risk
We have added an “Ultimate Recovery Code” just in case you would lose your upper plate. Each upper plate configuration is unique and personal, and can be recovered in case of loss. As NGRAVE (or any other third party) has no information on your lower plate, your secret key remains safe.
Back up your backup
Additional Lower Plate
Make extra backups by punching your key into multiple lower plates. The upper plate can be recovered by NGRAVE but not the lower plate. We recommend making at least one additional backup.
How to securely set up your Crypto Self-Custody
  • Step 1
    Create the Perfect Key

    ZERO generates your Perfect Key based on the built-in "True Random Number Generation" (TRNG) patented chip, your unique biometrics, and photon measurements of the ambient light.

  • Step 2
    Backup your Key

    Create the most secure backup by punching your perfect key in our stainless steel backup solution, GRAPHENE, consisting of two plates for an additional encryption layer.

  • Step 3
    Split & hide

    It is highly recommended to store and safeguard each plate separately if you want to benefit from the GRAPHENE's double security layer.

  • Step 4
    Sync with our app

    Sync ZERO with our LIQUID mobile app via QR code. This way you have all your public information on your accounts. Your private keys remain on the ZERO, offline.

  • Step 5
    Receive funds

    Send funds to your wallet by copying your address or showing the QR code. Easy, just like any other wallet.

  • Step 6
    Check your portfolio

    Easily monitor your portfolio on the blockchain without ZERO. Your private keys are offline.

  • Step 7
    Securely sign transactions

    Initiate transactions on your app. Verify and sign them entirely offline by scanning the QR code with your ZERO. Sign again with your app by scanning the signature. Your transaction is now broadcasted & recorded on the blockchain.

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Technical specifications

Size and Weight
  • Width:
    Width: 125 mm - 4.92”
  • Height:
    70 mm - 2.7”
  • Depth:
    13 mm - 0.51”
  • Weight:
    180 gr - 6.3 ounces
Certification level


Biometric Sensor

12 x 12 mm Fingerprint Sensor


High-End Metal

Secure Element

State-of-the-Art Secure Element


640 x 480 with Built-in Light Sensor

USB-C Port

Only for Wall Charging & Secure Firmware Updates


101,6 mm (4”) diagonal LCD, 480 x 800 Pixel, 600Cd/m2 Capacitive Touch Screen

Power Management

1 200 mAH (Ultra-Efficient Low Power) Battery with USB-Compatible Battery Charger & Low Power High Efficiency Power Management


2019 STM32MP157C (High Performance Dual-core ARM® Cortex®-A7 including ARM® NEON and ARM® Trustzone® + ARM® Cortex®-M4 with FPU/MPU) with Secure Boot, Secure RAMs, Secure RTC, Active Tamper and Trustzone® Peripherals, Cortex M4 Resources Isolation. Ultra low power consumption.

Cryptographic Support

Message Digest: RIPEMD160, SHA224, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512, SHA3, SHA3-XOF, KECCAK, BLAKE2B, GrøstlCryptography Key, with key generation:DES (56, 112, 168 bits), AES (128, 192, 256 bits),ECC (256 bits), RSA (1024, 2048, 3072,4096 bits) RSA encryption with PKCS1 v1.5, PKCS1 OEAP, NOPAD schemes HMAC Signature: HMAC-SHA256, HMAC-SHA512 RSA Signature with PKCS1 v1.5, PKCS1 PSS schemes Elliptic Curve Signature: ECDSA/EC-Schnorr (SECP256K1, SECP256R1, Brainpool256R1, Brainpool256T1), EdDSA (Ed25519) Elliptic Curve Diffie Hellman: ECDH (SECP256K1, SECP256R1, SECP521R1,Brainpool256R1, Brainpool256T1, Curve25519) Symmetric Cryptography: DES, Triple-DES, AES with ISO9797M1,ISO9797M2, NOPAD schemes Random Number Generation: RND, Prime RND (hardware support TRNG), NIST SP 800-90A CTR DRBG


Built to be impenetrable

Revolutionary hardware wallet with a custom firmware that is secure and easy to use.