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Can A Quantum Computer Hack Bitcoin?
Bitcoin is protected by cryptography, i.e. maths. If a quantum computer can break the maths, could it break Bitcoin?
Ruben Merre - 10 Oct 2022
Efani SIM Swap Protection, The Perfect Complement To NGRAVE
Crypto services often rely on SMS-based authentication for protection, which is vulnerable to SIM Swap Attacks. We partnered with Efani, the leading provider of SIM Swap protection in the United States.
NGRAVE - 22 Sept 2022
The Hacks That Changed Crypto
We picked out hacks that have materially changed crypto and will be remembered long after the financial cost has been counted.
NGRAVE - 22 Aug 2022
Why Randomness Is Central To Crypto, But So Hard To Achieve
Humans are rubbish at being random, and enlisting the help of computers cannot generate true entropy because they do what predictable humans tell them. So how can you generate randomness, and what is the secret to NGRAVE’s Perfect Key?
Ruben Merre - 11 Aug 2022
What Are The Different Types Of Crypto Hackers?
We can broadly group crypto hackers by intent (malicious vs benevolent), but the reality is far more complex. Many types of crypto hackers have different motivations and strategies.
Ruben Merre - 25 Jul 2022
What Are Soulbound Tokens?
Crypto has a new buzzword, the Soulbound Token. Unlike before, this new NFT form can’t be flipped for a quick profit.
Ruben Merre - 19 Jul 2022
Learning From Satoshi's Take On Self-Custody
We can use the wisdom of Bitcoin’s creator to understand the nuances of self-custody and why many crypto owners choose not to heed crypto’s golden rule.
Ruben Merre - 1 Jul 2022
NFTs, Fashion & The Metaverse
Fashion in the Metaverse allows big brands and individual designers to market both physical and virtual fashion items, represented as NFTs.
Ruben Merre - 3 Jun 2022
How To Own Land In The Metaverse
For those that grew up playing Minecraft, owning land in the Metaverse might seem natural. The reality is that this is a very new idea involving real-world investment and risks.
Ruben Merre - 3 Jun 2022
How QuadrigaCX Shines A Light On Crypto Inheritance
How do you plan for your death without trusting someone or some institution? NGRAVE has a unique solution to the conundrum of crypto inheritance.
Ruben Merre - 3 Jun 2022