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Most investors significantly overestimate their security setup: NGRAVE study
NGRAVE 2024 Crypto Security Report
NGRAVE Press - 6 Jun 2024
NGRAVE users can now seamlessly swap their crypto, powered by Changelly
Cold wallet maker NGRAVE partners with Changelly to enable users to swap with maximum security.
NGRAVE Press - 18 Apr 2024
A cold wallet can only be an air-gapped wallet
Uncompromised security.
Ruben Merre - 19 May 2023
Crypto Security Awareness Rises as NGRAVE Study Finds Half of Investors Doubt Safety
NGRAVE 2023 Crypto Security Report
NGRAVE Press - 9 May 2023
Binance Labs Makes a Strategic Investment in Hardware Wallet Maker NGRAVE to Boost Crypto Self-Custody
Binance Labs has made a strategic investment in hardware wallet maker NGRAVE and will lead its upcoming Series A round. NGRAVE offers the first complete solution for self-custody, consisting of a connectionless and highest security certified (EAL7) hardware wallet, ZERO, and an encrypted and recoverable key backup, GRAPHENE. 
NGRAVE Press - 21 Nov 2022
Over 50% Of Crypto Investors Leave Assets Vulnerable By Using Paper Backups For Their Security Keys, Study Finds
The results of NGRAVE’s annual Crypto Security Self-Audit Survey have been revealed
NGRAVE Press - 31 Mar 2022
First Belgian Crypto Hardware Company NGRAVE to Sell Physical Products in the Metaverse
NGRAVE’s metaverse store sits alongside other leading consumer brands including Tommy Hilfiger, Cider, ANREALAGE, and more.
NGRAVE Press - 24 Mar 2022
Crypto hardware wallet NGRAVE raises $6M seed round
NGRAVE, the Belgian based “Coldest” Crypto hardware wallet provider, has completed a seed round fundraiser to the tune of $6 million.
NGRAVE Press - 19 Jan 2022
NGRAVE ZERO awarded Crypto Wallet Solution Of The Year
NGRAVE flagship product ZERO, The Coldest Wallet, has been awarded Crypto Wallet Solution Of The Year at the AIBC Malta Summit in Malta.
NGRAVE Press - 22 Nov 2021
Belgian cold-wallet NGRAVE sets a new security standard for crypto storage
NGRAVE flagship product ZERO, The Coldest Wallet ever made, is now shipping.
NGRAVE Press - 29 Oct 2021